Oscar Bjørne

Unthinkable that I’m writing this here. It’s not ready.

I don’t quite understand it yet, but it’s been too long and you people give me no rest when I ignore this place. Rejoice, readers, for I come back to you, if only temporarily, for a teaser. Don’t worry – I’ll impart the details as they become appropriate.

Many things have passed since last I was here. Bear in mind that that last entry didn’t count because I was literally on the run and that story needed to be told in mid-chase or it would’ve lost all sense of priority and urgency. Nevermind that I wrote it in a hotel lobby… it needed to be done. Things like that don’t need a reason. Lot’s of things can happen when you’re out in the wild without a notebook or any other sort of connection to the office. Sometimes you feel like you’re being chased by wild bureaucrats through all kinds of colored streets in the dead of night, and for weeks on end. So there may be a reason after all for those animals not to keep me in touch with the rest of the world, but they certainly didn’t tell me why.

With my electronic notebook in a state of semi-functionality and only pseudo-ability to be useful for more than 60 seconds at a time, I have been left stranded in the isles of no internet and hand-written notes and journal entries. This is not necessarily bad, but it’s certainly inconvenient and puts a damper on my ability to post as often as you’d like me to. So settle down and get a grip. And besides, I’ve had company lately, so you need to know that I’m not ALL yours, you understand?

But rest assured, I’ll catch you up soon. There are tales in the works, real stories that have been my adventures and will soon be your fantasies. There are happenings that were as fun as they were unexpected and may even have been slightly illegal… we’ll find out soon enough. Roughly, I expect, after I post them. And that will come soon. Just give me some time.

Aloha. Yes.


https://facebook.com/oscarbjorne Oscar Bjørne

Oscar’s day job consists of saying & writing banter for which corporate executives pay outrageous amounts to shelve and ignore. He’s a consultant at one of the largest software firms in the world, and his clients are in major capitals all over the globe. From São Paulo to Prague, from Oslo to Riyadh, Oscar lends us his notes on travel, corporate life, fast adventures and a company dime.

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