Pedro Ávila

If nature were to one day be fed up with man for the obscene amounts of pollutants we toss into the mix, Cubatão would be the first place to be removed from the surface like picking a scab.

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing I can’t will mountains to crumble over an entire city.

Then I see Cubatão in the shadow of the dying serra smack in the middle of the Mata Atlantica, and it’s obvious that we simply don’t need the help.

Anchieta SP-150, Cubatão – March, 2006

Pedro Ávila Pedro Ávila

For a reasonably sane & productive member of society (arguable, but let’s not complicate things), I’m far too mobile and unrooted. I travel quite a bit for a job that is simultaneously my greatest privilege and my worst burden.

So I write. And I write. Travel pieces, political journalism (a stretch from ranting but, still), short stories, poetry and other such riff-raff. I contribute to a handful of publications and will probably just keep going until something gives out, or someone gives in.


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